Thursday, 25 August 2016


It has been a great level of achievement for team GB in the Rio Olympic games. What a wonderful performance by all the athletes and what an improvement in the London games.

As a nation, there has been a lot of investment into the Olympics; massive research and developments and financial commitments. Have these investments yielded positive results??? Definitely, very positive and favourable results have been achieved. 

As students, have we invested enough into your studies and into becoming the best that you can be? It is very evident that any investments will go towards improving your skills and your ability to succeed through your career.

We will like to encourage you to continue to invest in your career and towards becoming better and better in your chosen career. 

Invest your time and money sensibly and continue to get better.

Well done and keep on it.

Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

Wednesday, 24 August 2016


What a brilliant job done by all the GB athletes in Rio Olympics games. It is definitely a job well done from so many individuals.
I can only just imagine the amount of hard work each of the athletes put into their training programs and for all of such hard work to result in a medal, is a great achievement and better still for the athletes that have secured medals in the last Olympics and then defending and maintaining their titles.

The main question is- how much effort do you put into your studies and actions towards becoming an Accountant.
This is your chosen career pathway, let’s all get into the required level of hard work to achieve a golden result in our exams and in acquiring the relevant experience to be the best Accountant that we can be.

Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

Tuesday, 2 August 2016


Your self-image is the way you see yourself and think about yourself. It is often called your "inner mirror." You look into this mirror in every situation to see how you should perform on the outside. You always behave on the outside in a manner consistent with the picture you have of yourself on the inside.

How Do You See Yourself:
For example, if you see yourself, as calm, confident and competent in any aspect of selling, when you are engaged in that activity, you will feel calm, confident and competent. You will perform well and get excellent results. If, for any reason, it doesn't go well at that time, you will throw it off and dismiss it as a temporary situation. Your self-image is clear. In your mind's eye you see yourself as good and capable in that area and nothing can interfere with your mental picture.

Change Your Self-Image: 
The most rapid improvements in your career will come from changing your self-image. The moment that you see yourself as better than your current position, you tend to behave differently. And because you are behaving differently, you get different results.

Begin to see yourself the way you want to be. See yourself as strong, confident, competent and professional in every way. The person you see is the person you will be. Let your turning point be a conscious thought to modify your self-image and aim at better results.
Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

Thursday, 28 July 2016


Two Great Discoveries:
Here are two of the most exciting principles ever discovered in the long search by mankind for the secrets of health, happiness and great personal wealth.

All Causation is Mental:
This means that everything that you are or ever will be, will be a result of how you use your mind. You are merely a mind with a body to carry it around with. The entire man made world that you see is simply an expression of thought. Your entire life is an expression of your own thinking. And since the quality of your thinking determines the quality of your life, if you improve the quality of your thinking, you must, you will, inevitably improve the quality of your life.

The Law of Expectations:
The second principle is what we call the law of expectations. This law says that whatever you expect with confidence, positive or negative, becomes your reality. If you confidently expect to succeed, if you confidently expect to learn something from every experience, if you confidently expect to become wealthy as a result of applying your talents and abilities to your opportunities and you maintain that attitude of confident expectations long enough, it will become your reality. It will give you a positive optimistic cheerful attitude that will cause people to want to help you, and will cause things to happen the way you want them to happen.

Take Action:
Here are two things you can do immediately to practice these principles in your day to day life:

First, start thinking today in a positive, optimistic, confident way about personal and financial success. Continually imagine what differences it would make in your life if you were at the peak of your career. This is the starting point of developing a prosperity consciousness.

Second, develop your own attitude of positive expectations. Look for the good in every situation. Look for the valuable lesson in every setback or difficulty. Be positive and cheerful about everything that happens and you will be amazed at the difference it makes in your life.
Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

Tuesday, 26 July 2016


Programming Yourself for Success
Your mission statement is always written in the present tense, as though you have already become the person that you have described. It is always positive rather than negative. And it is always personal.

Program Yourself Correctly
Your subconscious mind can only accept your mission statement as a set of commands when you phrase it in the present, positive and personal tenses. "I am an exceptional salesperson," is a perfect example. After every sales call, you should quickly reread your mission statement and ask yourself if your recent behavior was more like the person you want to be, or less? As a top sales performer, you are always comparing your sales activities against a high standard and adjusting your activities upward. You're continually striving to be better. Every day in every way, you are deliberately working to become more like the ideal person you have envisioned.

Determine Your Mission Statement
Your goal may be, a year from today, when someone asks one of your colleagues to describe you as a Bookkeeper/ Accounts person, your colleague will recite your mission statement voluntarily. The way you have treated your work and people around you, would have been so exemplary that your colleague will describe you in the most glowing of terms.

Compare Yourself Against Yourself
Once you have developed a mission statement like this, you can read it, review it, edit it, and upgrade it regularly. You can add additional qualities to it and more clearly define the qualities you've already listed. It becomes your personal credo, your philosophy of life, your statement of beliefs and a guide to your behavior in all your interactions with others. Each day, you can evaluate your behaviors and compare them against the standard that you have set in this statement.

Shape Your Own Personality
Over time, a remarkable thing will happen. As you read and review your personal mission statement, you will find yourself, almost unconsciously, shaping your words and behaviours so that you are more and more like the ideal person you have defined. People will notice the change in you almost immediately. Over time, you will find that you are actually creating within yourself the kind of character and personality that you most admire in others.

Take Action
First, imagine that someone was going to meet with one of your colleagues at work. What would you want him to say about you? How could you behave with your current colleagues to be sure that he/she says those kinds of things?

Second, talk to yourself positively all the time. Feed your mind with positive messages that describe your goals and the person you want to be.

Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

Friday, 22 July 2016


The Key Question for You to Ask:
Why are you on the payroll? This is one of the most important questions you ever ask and answer, over and over again, throughout your career.

As it happens, most people are not sure exactly why they are on the payroll. But if you are not crystal clear about why it is that you are on the payroll and what results you have been hired to accomplish, it is very hard for you to perform at your best and get paid more and promoted faster.

Determine the Results Expected of You:
In its simplest terms, you have been hired to get specific results. A wage or a salary is a payment for a specific quality and quantity of work that can be combined with the work of others to create a product or service that customers are willing to pay for.

Define Your Key Result Areas:
Each job can be broken down into about five to seven key result areas, seldom more. These are the results that you absolutely, positively have to get to fulfil your responsibilities and make your maximum contribution to your organization. Your failure to perform in a critical result area of your work can lead to failure at your job. There is essential knowledge and skill that you must have for your job. These demands are constantly changing. There are core competencies that you have developed that make it possible for you to do your job in the first place. But there are always key results that are central to your work and which determine your success or failure in your job.
You Are Responsible:
A key result area is defined as something for which you are completely responsible. This means that if you don't do it, it doesn't get done. A key result area is an activity that is under your control. It is an output of your work that becomes an input or a contributing factor to the work of others.

Give Yourself A Grade:
Once you have determined your key result areas, the second step is for you to grade yourself on a scale of 1-10 in each of those areas. Where are you strong and where are you weak? Where are you getting excellent results and where are you under performing?

Here's the rule: Your weakest key result area sets the height at which you can use all your other skills and abilities.

This rule says that you could be exceptional in six out of seven key result areas but really poor in the seventh. And your poor performance in the seventh area will hold you back and determine how much you achieve with all your other skills. This weakness will act as a drag on your effectiveness and be a constant source of friction and frustration.

Take Action:
First, identify the key result areas of your work. What are they? Write down the key results you have to get to do your job in an excellent fashion. Give yourself a grade from 1-10 on each one. And then determine the one key skill that, if you did it in an excellent manner, would help you the most in your work.

Second, make a habit of doing this analysis regularly for the rest of your career. Never stop improving. This decision alone can change your life.

Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited

Thursday, 21 July 2016


Jemm Ltd has just bought a machine for £30,000 net for company use and paid VAT on the purchase and the total amount was paid through the bank account immediately. What will be the double entry posting for this?

Double entry posting:
DR: Machine account           £30,000
DR: VAT account                 £6,000
CR: Bank account                 £36,000

The machine account has been debited because machines are increasing and if an asset is increasing we debit the relevant asset account and we have debited VAT account with 20% of £30000; because VAT on purchases is an asset which can be claimed back from HMRC and the amount to be claimed back is obviously increasing due to this additional purchase.

We have credited bank because bank account is paying out money and the balance in the bank account is reducing; if an asset is decreasing, we credit the relevant asset account.


 Yours Sincerely,
The Friendly Team

The Training Place of Excellence Limited